Reason Behind the Difference between Education Status of Orphan and Non-Orphan

Reason Behind the Difference between Education Status of Orphan and Non -Orphan,

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Parents are a great blessing, many of us do not realise it until and unless someone loses one of their parents. It seems really hard to survive as people feel devastated after the great loss. Parents act like a shade or umbrella who protect their children at any cost, it doesn’t matter how much they suffer just to see a single smile on their kid’s face.

Just think about those who lose both of their parents at an early age. Yes, you got it right, I am talking about orphans. These children lose every kind of support be it emotional, psychological or financial. These children become mature at a very early age because they see such behaviours, face difficult situations, and responsibilities. The eldest ones often have to work to meet the essential needs, and take care of his or her younger siblings.

Common issues faced by orphans:

These children are mostly at a disadvantage if compared to non-orphan children. Because living with one’s own parents and living with a guardian are two different things. If the orphan has no kinship with the guardian, then things become harder. Orphans and non-orphans have different views about life because of their experiences. Orphans face difficulties in assessing education and health, have lack of income resources and are forced for child labour.

Here we are focusing only on the difference of education status among orphans and non orphans children because the topic of discussion regarding both these categories are endless.

Reasons behind different education status of orphans and non-orphans:

Education of orphans is what that is affected first by the death of their parents.

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  • Orphans are not dull by birth:

Many type of Assignment Help researchers have been conducted on different aspects related to orphans and the results have proved that not all of them are dull by birth. They were very brilliant students when they were living with their parents. Many of them were top ranked and position holders, as well as they used to actively participate in extracurricular activities. But later on, after a loss of one or both the parents, their performance and grades decreased only because they were emotionally stressed, they were facing difficult times, and all. When one of a brilliant student was asked the reason of his poor performance he replied that he has to do house chores when he gets back home. He gets very little time for himself because he has to take care and earn for his younger siblings. The result was dropping out of school.

  • Reduced economic capacity of the guardians:

When orphans have to live with their guardians, then they have to obey their orders and follow their rules. Education seem useless to most of the guardians because they think providing these helpless children with food and shelter is more than enough. They also force them to earn for themselves rather than wasting time in schools.

  • No special schools and support for orphans’ education:

Education is the foundation of a hopeful and protective future. But unfortunately seventy five (75) million children do not get the opportunity to attend primary school. Over 90% of the orphans live in developing countries who are mostly orphaned of deathly diseases such as HIV/AIDS, or Cancer or some war. They have no one to care for them, so they suffer from problems like hunger, and malnutrition. Therefore, such children have limited access to the education and they focus more on finance and skills.

  • Expensive schooling system:

Now a day’s schools are not about getting education only, because they demands expensive uniforms, high fees, and expensive books and other stationary. Many of them also now celebrate many lame occasions and ask students to purchase costumes. So getting the basic education has become a luxury that many of the parents cannot afford it. Then why a guardian would like to spend this much amount on a single orphan child.

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Orphan hood does affect education of a person but it also depends on factors like age of the child when he became orphans, whether he is double or singled orphan, whether he has been taken care of, his health, nutrition and environment. The educational performance of orphans also depend on the age of a person. E.g. his education performance will be more affected in primary school and it will be less affected if he is in his secondary school or college.

The environment also affects student’s behaviour in school, like where he lives, who takes care of him, and from where does he come really matters.

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