When ecstasy speaks!

When ecstasy speaks!,

As a kid, I portrayed the role of being happy! I was never really content with life. Be it personal issues, or the environment; But I did not want to show out my weakness. People saw me as a happy go lucky girl! They never knew the sadness behind those eyes. But as I grew up, I learnt not to act! I knew that I had to be true to myself. I started studying journalism, but as life had it, couldn’t complete it because of various reasons. I went on to graduate with a degree in Psychology, and work as an analyst! I got married when I was 19. Ofcourse I ran away, against the wishes of everyone around us! I had dreams, was a young girl, and made foolish decisions!

But he, the man I married was the first best decision of my life! We struggled. We didn’t have anyone around us. I was studying and working part time. It was difficult. Slowly we kept making it up the ladder. But then again, you never succeed when you want to. We tried, put in our blood and sweat, spent sleepless nights and did it all.

I started envisioning my dream and I had my husband by my side.

Life was not that great. We lost a lot, especially since we went against every single person. I had to live away from my husband, when I was studying as he went to another country looking for a job. The only thing that kept me company were my books, and my words. I would talk to my diary every single day, and cry my heart out. It was the only thing I had with me. The only thing I considered a friend. Life was bad. From suicide attempts, to giving up and not doing anything. But, I held on. I started envisioning my dream and I had my husband by my side. I again could not do it, when I knew my dreams would take time, but then again, I held on. And am I glad I did!

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Today, 6 years after our marriage, we have our own firm and the confidence to build on our dreams. I just started dreaming again! Not a new one, but the old one that I had buried deep into my soul!

It is definitely not easy to keep holding onto things that take time. You would feel like giving up a lot of times. Hell, being a psychologist, I myself have done crazy things. But you know, confidence is the key here. All you have to do is believe in yourself. I know it sounds easy. But trust me, it’s difficult too. I struggled, I fought, and I gave it all. Not everyone is blessed with good people around. If you have at least one person, great. But if not, no issues. You have to do it all for yourself.

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Now, no matter how hectic a day is, how horrible my mood is, and however tired my body is, I sit and write. And I write my heart out. It necessarily needn’t be a poem. But I write my feelings!

So take out that pen, write. Draw that piece of art. Build that dream of yours. Dance in the rain. Tan in the sun. Do whatever the heck you want to, as long as you are true to yourself.

You know, women especially think that men control them. A lot of cases yes. But most cases, it’s not only men. It’s the society, it’s men, it’s our own thoughts, and it’s other women too. Your mind is free. It’s not in a cage. Don’t cage it up.

You have the power to do what you want to do! Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow. But one day you can!

Amritha Sooraj

Hi, Lovelies. This is Amritha, known mostly in my circle as Paru! I run an ad agency with my husband that works on barter (not my hubby, but my company ;)) . Based out of Chennai, my dream has always been to start up a lifestyle magazine! I love to write, although not a professional! I use the pictures clicked on my phone, and convey stories through them! ?


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