The World is Full Of Guys, Be A Man

The World is Full Of Guys, Be A Man

Everyone has a story to tell but not everyone gets a chance to tell it early in their life. I, Sandeep sahu, Engineer,Bhubaneswar convey through this medium my life between coming as an innocent kid from a small town in Odisha to planning the infrastructure projects for the country standing tall.

My Journey started at MKC High school, Baripada, my hometown ,a small city of Odisha. From being a 59th rank holder in class to became rank 3 in class I learned the importance of discipline and hard work in life and that credit goes to my family & teachers.  After my 12th I came to Bhubaneswar searching for the best engineering colleges in Odisha as a 17 years old guy from Baripada. That time I was only thinking about of a great college with big campus,infra,great management etc. But as a child grown up in middle class family I was much aware about the financial instability of my parents. It was like a dream to join engineering. But fortunately got selected under a new Govt. Scheme to do engineering in a small college with my fees waived off. When I entered the college first time I was so horrified, everyone there were so strange,all from different districts,regions,states. After some days some of them became very close to me. I got to understand some of the important learning of engineering like how to live, have fun,take responsibilities, do assignments, get bored with canteen food,defend yourself. In engineering college you do not really learn engineering, you learn how to deal with the world.I took part in a lot of extra curricular activities like case studies, organizing events,seminars. In final year my group got selected for the Global Entrepreneurship summit at IIT Kharagpur.

Do not judge yourself by the reactions of others

The most important part of college was the friends, you won’t get to know when friends turn into family, you will meet different kinds of people, people who will use you for their benefit, people who would show lot of arrogance in their behaviour, people who would always be humble and respectful to you, in the end what will matter will be the friends you choose, your decisions in life will highly be affected by them, it is these friends who will make college a home away from home.

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In 2015 I started my career as an engineer in the construction sector, projects to electrify all the rural households to make the country ahead in term of electricity connectivity. First day at my office,I felt very uncomfortable. I struggled learning all those project activities. Few days after some big changes came up like the attachment with the people in office, getting clear view how to deal the project, a little appreciations too and that part of life I started finding my passion. Last year we power engineers made the largest ever expansion of electricity access in the world.(Ref: International Energy agency). 70 years after the independence of our country approx 4 Cr families were there dreaming about electricity. After the electrification these household lightens up with hope and this is truly satisfying. My work fills a large part of my life. Blogging & Photography is what I like to do in my spare time. I want to acquire knowledge from every possible resources. Great steps are ahead under progress.

I got awarded by ABVP, India for excellence in education. Got scholarship from Govt. of Odisha. I am also an artist, Got various certificates and awards in arts & crafts from Lalit kala academy & many other organizations too. I am also a Marathon runner, finished national level 21K marathon 3 times.

I want to tell the youth that choose your career wisely. Choose career what interests you. Do researches, explore things never be afraid of experimenting, you do not know what lies ahead, find your passion, and keep exploring until you don’t find it. Always be good, be kind and help others in your possible way. Teach yourself how to budget, deal with others, how to negotiate.

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‘‘Your age does not define your maturity, your grades don’t define your intellect and rumors don’t define who you are. So don’t take the life you have for granted. Do not judge yourself by the reactions of others. Take the stones people throw at you and use them to build a monument.’’

– Ratan Tata

(My Ideal)

Sandeep Kumar Sahu

Planning Engineer at MP Birla Group
(B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
Artist @Lalitkala Academy , Athlete,Blogger,Lifestyle Influencer

[email protected]

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  • Great bro …wishing you a great future Ahead…by this work sprite and being such a good human being, a warm hearted & affectionate person..

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