The myth of bad food

The myth of bad food,

When we talk about our food, usually we speak in absolutes like spinach is good for you ,cheese is bad you. We usually speak in terms of good food and bad food. Do know this its really this simple, to identify good food and bad food ? Berner surveyed 5,000 UNC students and found that approximately 25% of undergraduate students were food insecure. Food deprivation grew with the advancement of the students towards their graduation. They have found that about 75% of the women come across some unhealthy thoughts feelings and behaviors related to food and their bodies. Food should be a source of happiness, joy or bringing people together. But these days for a lot of people their food have become their medium of shame and guilt.

The two categories of good and bad food can be just considered as over simplification or just treat it as a marketing tactic for the brand who keeps the red cross and the green ticks. We all come across people who suffer from food anxiety and of course with binge eating which they fear admitting. First and foremost if you struggle with food anxiety, he thought of good and eating out with friends and family freaks you out, all the Friday nights ruins all your progress you are not alone, because a lot of people suffer but hardly discuss it.From this point when we place a morality on food, as good and bad, right or wrong food we tend to produce more anxiety. When we say ice cream is inherently bad, pizza is bad, we should understand that our health is not made up of one scoop of ice cream or one slice of cake or on meal. No one on the planet gets fat from having one slice of cake similarly no one gets skinny on having a bowl of salad, no one looses their progress by missing one workout likely no one gets shredded by having an amazing work out. Its our health, it is dictated by everything we do over time the more we realize that one meal wont make us fat, one bit wont make us gain calories the less anxiety we experience. Our main goal should be having a healthy relationship with food. So we can eat whatever we want, whenever we want and there will be no negative outcomes of food, since there is no good or bad food.

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Changing how we look and talk about food, does not mean that we are magically the nutritional values of food. The above paragraph does not say that we can have chocolates at every meal it say that we should not shame us around a particular food, don’t place a morality around the food, if you are at your friends birthday party have a slice of cakes. ITS OKAY! Generally to be a healthy individual, have a healthy body and a healthy mindset we require proteins and vegetables, it should be a 80/20 role. Just that don’t treat your self like a bin where everything can be dumped. The health and fitness community is a very confusing place its loaded with pseudoscience, opinions and claimed experts. Its difficult to decide what best for you, and the truth is where you are at our fitness journey and where you want to reach. Like for example, for someone its right saying no to having the cake, because it going to help him/her t stay on track and intake fewer calories and loose weight which their goal is where as for someone having the cake is important because their progress says they can stay out of anxiety. Looking at your progress from a physical perspective like muscle loose, shredding , but at the same time mental progress is massively important. Its important in making decisions consciously rather than taking them as mistakes and later feeling guilty about it.

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When you first get into the healthy eating, it is very easy to place large red Xs and green checks on our food, but this is defiantly not a good long term approach especially if your goal is not just to shred excess fat, instead rediscover a love of food without shame. As long as we are feeding our body with all the necessary nutrients most of the time we can indulge ourselves in a guilt free vacation with barbeques, pizzas burgers and many more. After all our life will be much boring if we don’t break our own rules from time to time.

Sangita Goswami

I am Sangita Goswami pursuing my masters in counseling psychology from Amity University. With an ongoing struggle with anxiety everyday during Covid-19 quarantine period ,a small thought that strike was about our food and how it is related to our mind. This idea made me dig in a lot of journals and research papers .i am a regular content writer for my blog with which I also manage my instagram handle (jibh_e_jol)

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