Sweta Sureka’s dream tale become an author one day

Sweta Sureka’s dream tale become an author one day,

It is very correctly said that the best way to express oneself is by writing. For me my tryst with writing started at a very early age. It has been my best friend right from my school days. Even at a tender age I maintained a secret diary and poured all my emotions and feelings in it.

This continued as I grew up. Initially I used to write about any special thing that happened in the day and gradually I started penning down short stories. This ignited a desire in me to be known as an author one day. With passing years this became stronger but I never talked about this to anyone.

The Closure Book,
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One day I just mentioned about this to my husband, Nikhil and this is when my dream started to take the shape of reality. He encouraged me to give my stories a shape of a novel. Everyday he would ask me about my progress. On times when I felt like giving up, he kept me motivated. Finally, it took me almost a year to write my first book “The Closure- Journey to my true self” and get it published.

The Closure is the story of Aarti. It is a simple tale. Aarti is a housewife and has a son. She thinks she is happily married but gradually she faces the reality. She is not happy and content just being a wife and a mother. She itches to do something beyond this. And when she finally decides to take steps she is faced with numerous obstacles. Yet, she is determined and ultimately fulfils her dreams inspite of no one supporting her.

Just listen to your heart and look around for inspiration. You will be able to create the magic.

This is also the bitter truth of our society. Women here are still not allowed to dream. They are still dictated by certain norms of the society. Their wings are clipped even before they could learn to fly. And if anyone dares to do something their way is bombarded with hurdles.

My book has been inspired by women all around and their real life experiences. Through The Closure I just want to tell each and every women to dream. Have dreams and then only you will get the courage to fly. We are responsible for our own happiness and we should make it a priority.

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With my book my dream of being known as an author has come true. Also, I feel extremely privileged that I have been able to touch few lives through my writing. I intend to continue doing this. I certainly believe that life is too short to be wasted. So, all I would like to say is stop cribbing and regretting. Our future is in our hands. So, get out of the comfort zone and create a difference. We all are capable of doing this.

I have been awarded as the 100 top most writers of India and Swami Vivekananda Award for excellency in literature. This year my book has got featured in the Top 10 books of the year by Literoma. I feel extremely humbled and proud.

I would like to tell all the aspiring authors that don’t give up. Many times you will feel that you are falling short of ideas and getting stuck. But just listen to your heart and look around for inspiration. You will be able to create the magic. Nothing is more beautiful than writing.

Next year I will start writing my second book. It will be non fiction.It is going to be a self help book and related to life coaching. I am extremely excited about it. I hope I get the same love and even more for my next venture as I have received for my first book.

Sweta Surekha

Sweta Sureka is born and brought up in Kolkata. She is a mother of two beautiful souls. She did her graduation in economics from St. Xaviers’ College Kolkata. Thereafter, she did her Masters in Finance from ICFAI Hyderabad. She is also a trained IELTS teacher.
Sweta, is a Certified Transformational Life coach. She has helped people across the countries to live a life of their dreams through her coaching. She aims to touch and influence as many life as possible.
The Closure is her first venture as a writer and she aspires to write more on issues which she finds, are reflections of society on her and others alike. Her notion of writing is guided by one simple thought that books should be comprehensible first and then awe-inspiring later. Sweta aims to bring back the quaint era when writers used to mirror the life around.
The Closure is the story of a strong woman who is realistic enough to know what she can do, is grounded enough to know when she needs a hand and is confident enough to take her life decisions without fear of being judged.

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