Srijoy Mitra’s dream tale to achieve success by breaking chains of orthodox educational system

Srijoy Mitra’s dream tale to achieve success by breaking chains of orthodox educational system,

I always had the idea of one day, dropping out of schooling and achieving my successes in my own way, without the aid of some institution. I needed to develop as much skill as possible while being in school and getting decent enough grades in order to fool my parents into making them believe that I would get a degree, so that they could continue to let me eat without the constraints of a menial part time job. As soon as I felt prepared to make the move, I went to the greatest city for the kind of music I desired to play and perform, Los Angeles. I did not want to do popular music, I do not want to do rap music, or country. I create distorted classical piano and guitar noise with lyrics in song form. My songs will never be on some radio station being overplayed being rotted and wasted away into the trash can of the majority’s ear. Everyone in my family believes and lives the reality of absolute greatness, but I wanted the beyond, a slight bend.

I enjoy my life to the fullest, I do everything I want with no limits everyday.

I did not want to listen to my parents who left behind a land of ancient history and golden origins, to a society formed from slavery, genocide, rape and honey. What they achieved is decent but is not enough and not daring. I wish for the ghosts of my ancestry along with humanity to see me as the one they needed to beat, to haunt, to defeat before I reach the summit. I will earn this through the endless actions of righteous evidence and through respect and diligence.

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I started playing piano when I was 4.5, at age five, I first played live competitively reciting a song in front of at least 75 to one hundred people, not unusual. At age 12, I wanted to do it forever and have all the successes in life through this one craft of playing and performing my own songs in front of an audience.

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I’ll never actually achieve my dream. I will always want a little more than what I already have. I am never good enough. I wrote this book as a way to not have to see a therapist to deal with my problems. I researched information about heroine and decided to not do it and just write, it was good enough. I will continue to write and to build the prosthetic limbs. Only my parents gave me enough money to eat and drive, otherwise, the spirits of the builders of the MINI Copper I live in and the tombs of the construction builders of the roads and cities consist of my only wanted and needed companions.

Living in a MINI Cooper in a world class city has been a time of self realization and improvement. I decided to pursue my dream full throttle, with no distraction such as school and a bed. I do no alcohol, no porn, no video games, no Netflix, no nicotine, no marijuana, no prescription medication, no hallucinogens, no part time job and no problems and NO FAST FOOD!

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I enjoy practicing skills to get me closer to my dream of being with a family of excellent looks and quality far away from everyone and everything amidst nature and away from noisiness of humanity. I will play live my own songs to find a way for this. I enjoy my life to the fullest, I do everything I want with no limits everyday. I feel every emotion just like everyone, but I make at attempt at dealing with them in a way to bring me further to greatness. I do not fondle in the depths of depression for very long, I get out of it by working on my songs and practicing piano. I know my material will be further investigated when I depart from the Earth, but before that time, I have a few things in mind to execute.

Srijoy Mitra

Hi, I am Srijoy Mitra – a school dropout, cooper deweller and a debutante author. I am a Calcutta rooted US resident, staying away from my parents in my MINI Cooper. Music is my passion and I love playing multiple musical instruments. Golden Wings by Literoma is my first published novel.

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