Sometimes Your Dream Finds You

Sometimes Your Dream Finds You,

Hello Everyone…
My name is Kanupriya Negi, who is 21 years of age and currently pursuing MBA in human resource from Tula’s Institute, Dehradun. Apart from this I am a newbie lifestyle blogger who is featuring at rank of 21 in top 30 Indian lifestyle bloggers to follow, by feedspot.

You won’t believe me but it is a truth that sometimes our dream finds us. You want to know how… Have a look on my life journey i.e., how a confused school girl found her dream through thick and thin of her life.

What if people around you called you dumb, but you proved them wrong by achieving your dream of life. Sounds good, right…!!!

I was always a kind of child who was without purpose, totally blank about the dreams, who even didn’t realize, what exactly dreams are but for sure I knew it, I want to do something but what is that something??.. I keep wondering and wondering and in all this I completed my 12th then and now MBA, but every day I was unsatisfied with what I was doing.

Life and Dream is all about getting better and better and finally the best is living your dream.

But somewhere I had had some interests, some hobbies which laid me up. Like reading, writing, making new experiments with my looks, public speaking etc and I started analyzing interests of my life and in all this, analyzing and identifying process I found that; this is what I want. Yes… I want to be a lifestyle blogger and without procrastination I purchase a blog site for me, from, I even didn’t take a chance to experiment with my writing skills because sometimes we just need to act.

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May be without a second thought and that very moment of a minor decision changed my life completely, just in 3 months of my blog launch; I got featured on top 30 lifestyle Indian bloggers, people noticed my blog but journey doesn’t stop here, I need to go more and more because life and dreams is all about getting better and better and finally the best is living your dream. Today I am living my dream of being a lifestyle blogger and bringing an affordable fashion for the people around the world. I blog not only about fashion but also about relationships, skin and hair care, travel etc. You can also check in my blog on which is named as will-o-wisp Gemini’s fashion and everything.

Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and keep a faith on yourself, you will really find real you, your dream and your real happiness.

In all this journey of confusion and dream discovery, only my family was there with me and they still are and I really feel blessed that god gave me such a beautiful family who are always with me in every decision of my life, what I learned and what I really want everyone to learn is, don’t worry if you are confused about you or your dreams, don’t worry.. It happens, cool down. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and keep a faith on yourself, you will really find real you, your dream and your real happiness.

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It might take time but surely you will discover real you. Because I believe, your dreams define your happiness. Yes they really do. You know, how? If you are living your dream, a perfect gleam of happiness in your eyes can be seen, which is immeasurable. So what I suggest you is, Let yourself flow with what you love to do. Some people might try to bring you down with your passion but still focus on the positive aspects and positive people of your life.

Once you embarked on your dream is just a new journey in itself, which you can keep living through some goals as I mentioned above, dream is all about getting better and better and best in living your dream, In the same manner I too have fixed some goals for me, like to bring affordable fashion for every person without harming their pocket.

From being a just a next door girl to being a lifestyle blogger is what defines me and this is how my dream chose me, if you are also one of them who are struggling to find their dream then don’t worry because sometimes our dream finds us.

Thank you and if you have any thoughts about my story, you can tell me in the comments section below.

Kanupriya Negi

?Kanupriya Negi?
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