Realise your importance – We all are gifted with some sort of talent

Realise your importance - We all are gifted with some sort of talent,

Well, talking about myself, I was a homely girl before marriage. Though I always wanted to be a business woman but that was never my first choice. I always wanted to keep my family happy by taking care of them and by making innovative food dishes for them.

Masterchef India show on TV, always inspired me to cook innovative dishes from which I started posting my food pictures on Facebook. And then one day someone told me to participate in a contest organised by a renowned food brand on their facebook page. And from there a new phase of my life started. I was introduced to a whole new online(virtual) world.

As I already mentioned that I was a homemaker and I mostly love to stay at home, kitty party or going out for shopping is never my choice. So I started keeping myself busy in the contest. I won so many big prizes like air fryer, smartphones, iPad, cash prize and many more prizes. And one day this led me to work online as an influencer. I was feeling good that I have my own identity, though money was not a motive for me to be an influence, but the zeal to make my own identity was something that pushed me to stay in this field.

After working as an influencer for 5-6 years I started writing blogs and it brought an amazing change in my life.

Meeting new people, promoting different brands, writing about my feelings, thought and experience on my blog and then one day I wrote my ebook Ehsaas – A special feeling.

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Though I was not much happy with the ebook but getting compliments from family was a surprise gift for me and inspired me to work more.

And from 2019 I started working as a campaigner start giving campaigns to other. During the whole journey I met few people who always helped me in my journey, I get many difficulties during the journey that sometimes I feel like giving up. But then I remembered those people who always use to say me that ” Priyal you truly are my inspiration, we feel proud as a woman”

These words always inspire me to work hard, and I always motivate others especially home makers. I feel everyone can do anything, if they can work hard and have passion in their life then it is possible to achieve the goals.

There are some people who try to discourage me about my works, by taunting that we always see you on Facebook. But I never give a damn to them. It’s my life and I know how to live it. Do not let others interfere in your life. Because I know I was doing right and I still am doing the right thing in my life , because I never ignore my family , kids. I never ignore my responsibilities. Because that comes first for me then my work.

I just want to say one thing to all the reader especially all woman who are homemaker, “Realise your importance , because we all are gifted with some sort of talent, it can be in the form of writing, singing, dancing, art or anything.

It is up to you how fast you identify your hidden talent and start working on it to show the world your capabilities and make your own identity. Use your talent and start work. Not for money, not for others but for yourself.

Yes for yourself, it gives a very special feeling when you have your identity and the best feeling when people say that you are an inspiration to them.

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This journey which started as an influencer made me an entrepreneur today, all the way from a blogger and campaigner.
Yes I feel proud to be a person who I am, because it’s my hard work, that today I am at this place.

I have a wish to touch the sky with my hard work. I am thankful to all my near and dear ones who have always supported me in my this small and sweet journey. It is because of you that I have reached this place. Keep supporting me like always. Need blessing from all of you.

Priyal Poddar

I am quite a simple kinda person who believes in the philosophy of Live and Let Live and using challenges as an opportunity to show your ability. Firstly, I am a homemaker, who is a mother of two adorable kids. I started my social media journey as an ordinary person. Then afterwards I added a new chapter in my social media journey by being an influencer that paved the way for me to become a successful blogger. Being a mother, I understood that the real happiness is all about seeing your child smile, so I started my own business on the similar lines to deliver smiles on the face of children in the form of kids toys.

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