Happy Mother's Day 2020

Quarantine on Mother’s Day

Every year, on this day, we are honored to celebrate Mother’s Day with great joy. We get to take our mother out on a nice family dinner or even cook her a good meal at home and shower her with lots of love. We get to choose among beautiful flowers for beautiful women. Even though you appreciate your mother every day, this is the one day you can truly be thankful for everything that she does for you.

This year might be a little different. Due to the virus, not everyone is able to spend time with their mother or to even see her. Honestly, this is all so overwhelming and the fact that we can’t do the simple things that we are used to do is just upsetting. But a simple gesture can change everything. To those of you who usually celebrate Mother’s Day at a restaurant can always learn to cook anything and make her smile.

Honestly, that is even better than going out. If you can’t see her, you can always give her a call. I know that Corona has led to a lot of people getting creative this year (singing to their mother from phone, sending personal gifts, celebrating through zoom).

We can’t ignore what is going on right now and we have to play safe but that doesn’t mean that we have to be negative. In fact, we should hope for the best. This is new for everyone. No one has ever experienced this before. We need to fight this. Let’s hope this all ends soon. And if ever you really have to distance yourself from your family at the moment, then do it. Mother’s Day comes once a year, but you can celebrate your mother every single day. So, don’t worry. If not now, you can always wait and enjoy later. Your safety and your family’s safety is all that matters at the moment.

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I think it is amazing how two people told me that they don’t really mind getting the virus, their problem is to transmit it to their families. I love how they care more about their family then themselves. (These are two grocery workers who works full time and are at risk since they are not protected enough). That is to say that even if you do not find the importance to protect yourself, do it for someone else. At least that will be your motivation to stay clean (wash your hands often, wear mask, wash your clothes).

Also, on this Mother’s Day, I wanted to specially thank all the women out there who are away from their husbands and children to help save the world. Among the essential workers, are mothers who are giving their very best to do everything they can to help people fight this virus.

Shout out to all of you. You are a hero. Thank you!

The most important thing for your mother is family. All you got to do is tell and show her you love her. Even if you can’t meet, you can call her. In any way, just let her know she’s important, she’s worth it, she’s loved.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Stay safe!

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