My Forever Young Nani-Ma

My Forever Young Nani-Ma,

Mohalle ki sabse nishani purani
Vo budhiya jise bachche kehte hai Nani……

No, my Nani doesn’t fit in with this song…
She is one young woman I know. She is aging for sure, but her heart stays young .And that’s what I love the most about her.

Age was always a number for me as I grew up with my forever active grandparents and saw them work hard every second and every minute. I always tried to imbibe the good virtues I learnt from them.

My “Nani Ma” as I call her was always more of a friend to me. She fought with me like a sister over petty things and she guided me as the wisest one whenever I was stuck with life.

One thing which is inseparable from her is her eternal love for “Krishna” and also for my Nanaji.

I see my Radha and Meera in my Nani Ma.

For me they are an ideal couple and I always saw them as modern Ram and Sita. They fight , they love and they care for each other.
My grandparents are devoted to Krishna and they believe in “Murti puja”. For them Krishna is a part of their life and they take care of his daily needs and worship him regularly. They have lived a life which I can’t imagine getting a bit closer to. And I love and respect them for that.

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I remember asking my Nani one day, if I could do Murti Pooja like her and she calmly explained that it’s not easy and I must concentrate on my studies first. I was in graduation college that time.

I see my Radha and Meera in my Nani Ma. And the best way she expresses her love and devotion to “Krishna“ is by writing songs in his praise by changing the lyrics of latest Bollywood songs. She also loves to dance on old melodies of her choice and is a lively part of all the bhajans and kirtans happening nearby.

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Her favorite place to be is Goverdhan and she spends her quality time doing Parikrama around the Goverdhan Parvat and attending all the holy gatherings she could manage with. And she even completed her 21 Km “Dandvati Parikrama” in around 10-15 days. She is one strong headed person I know and there is always something to learn from her.

I remember once she visited my hostel and I casually asked her “I hope you are not getting bored Nanima” .Her confident answer was “BORED, ye word to meri dictionary me hai hi nahi”.

True that; Her dictionary of life is full of positivity and there is no place for words like these in her life. I am trying to build up my own dictionary too learning from her and many more positive and happy people I love to meet. Hope you have a dictionary of your’s too which keeps your life on track, making you a merrier soul.

Aditi Mishra

Hello everyone, I am Aditi Mishra. A 35 year old mother of two little girls aged 3 and 7, wife of a sailor and an educator before that. My qualifications : B.Sc. B.Ed. M.Sc. (Physics). I have taught in schools like DPS and AVM, Mumbai. I am a poet at heart and I have been writing poems in Hindi since I was a little girl. I started blogging last year on instagram (@mummastrove) as I like to share my positive experiences and I like to express myself. I like to travel, meet people and learn from my surroundings.

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