Mind is a powerful weapon, use it in the right direction and success is yours

Mind is a powerful weapon, use it in the right direction and success is yours,

Hello everyone!

I’m Neelakshi Haloi, 26 years old. I was born and brought up in Guwahati, Assam. Right after my high school I moved to the capital, D0elhi for higher studies. I completed my graduation from Delhi University with chemistry major and then I opted for a PG Diploma. I was quite unsure about what I wanted to do in life, I couldn’t figure out where I would like to see myself after ten years. I was just going with the flow though my hobbies were pretty normal like any other girl next door, playing dress up, travelling and at times also doing nothing and enjoying my own company.

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But soon I realised that something is not going right and i’m wasting my precious time. I always envied fashion and fashion bloggers from all over the world. I researched a lot about them initially and then I questioned myself  ‘is this my calling too?’ but like most of us, I got stuck under societal pressure too, ‘what will people think’ and ‘how will people react’ and stuffs like that. But when things started getting serious i couldn’t control myself and started my Instagram account as a fashion blogger and posted my first post which was, ‘how to style a blazer in 3 different ways’.

Always remember this life of ours is a blessing and only you could decide how you can use this gift.

I can still recall the jitters i felt for the first ten minutes after posting it but the response i got from people were pretty overwhelming. I could sleep peacefully that night. The story behind all this is very simple and what i learnt most importantly is, you should never take people seriously. We all have goals in our life, we are ambitious but rather than focusing on that, we spend a lot of time focusing on society’s thoughts about us. Always remember this life of ours is a blessing and only you could decide how you can use this gift. The mind is a powerful weapon, use it in the right direction and success is yours. I started my blog few days back. If you love fashion and want to get inspired follow my instagram handle:

I’m constantly trying to create some amazing content, so check it out and do share your comments and thoughts on it. ?

My journey:

I have a small group of real friends. They have always encouraged me to take my interest in fashion seriously which i always ignored, thinking it to be just as a hobby and not my call. But sooner or later, if something is meant to be, it will happen against all odds. I realized a bit late but who says there’s a perfect timing for everything? You should actually start when you are ready for it, is what i believe in. Dream big, set your goals and work towards it. Be brave enough to overcome the obstacles if there exist any, have faith and hope within yourself. Don’t lose hope if you fail,always remember 90% of the people we admire so much in life didn’t make it big overnight. Years of hard work and determination decided their fate so take inspiration from them and carry on. Use your time carefully and surround yourself with positivity, stay away from negativity as much as you can.

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My blog is all about fashion. I always believed fashion to be a posh subject but now my thoughts are different. Fashion is who you are. It defines you, your style and your personality. It’s an art to me. You express yourself through it. My personal style is casual and comfortable and through my photos i try to express how to look good without compromising on comfort. To know all about it go through my feed on instagram by following the link given below :

Thank you so much!

Neelakshi Haloi

Fashion enthusiast???️?
? Guwahati, Assam, India

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