Life is full of surprises

life is full of surprises,

Life! Isn’t it such a short word but still full of surprises.

You never know, what it would bring in front of you.

In spite of that, you have to accept it and go for it anyway. No matter what your wish is, your goals are, your happiness lies into 🙂

But you know what maybe it was destined to happen, maybe there is much better for you in the future and you are just getting ready for it.

Hii, My name is Harshal Sapkale, a middle-class family boy, who lost his father at the age of 5 and whose family didn’t know how to survive in this world. It was a hard phase growing up without a father. But thank god, having a grandfather like a father is a blessing. Somehow I completed my high school with the economic crisis followed. Study, Haha! I was never fond of that word.

I started choreographing songs back in my mind, which was so cute for a 10-year boy

I still remember I was in 7th grade when I started watching Dance reality shows. But back then I didn’t know my life would take a major turn because of that. Getting inspired by that, I started choreographing songs back in my mind, which was so cute for a 10-year boy. With time my skills got increased. Still, I wasn’t sure, what I was gonna do with my life, I was a douchebag then. So going with the flow, I took admission in Engineering. It’s the specialized field that makes a person everything rather than an engineer. At the end of the First-year when I got some idea about the outside world, I knew what I had to become. Choreographing the songs, grooving on it, and dancing on the beat were the only things I needed in my life and that sparked my life.

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As time goes, I got into many more things. I did modeling shoots, acting theaters, writing blogs and etc. I did everything that would keep me away from the Engineering stuff because it wasn’t my passion from the first. I was more leaning towards the camera stuff.

The fear of supporting the family as I was their only hope made me under-confident about me. But the only thing I kept faith in was to go with the flow and do your work. Everything happens for the best. Though I was smart in studies, I completed my Engineering with a first-class in all grades. But maybe God has planned something else for me.

Just doing your passion and expecting nothing from it is the key way to achieve more I guess. And that leads me to be one of the finalists in a national dance genre competition held in Delhi. I am still not sure what my life is leading me to now but one thing is for sure that whatever it is, its gonna be the best.

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I currently work for dance reality shows and m very happy doing it. I just love the vibes and soon gonna become much more. I don’t consider worthy of this honor to share my inspiring story, because the only thing I have done is follow my heart.

I just want to say:

Follow your passion guys. The rest will attend itself. If I can do it, anybody can do it. Its never too late, just go for it guys and believe yourself. Everything happens for good.

Thank you.

Harshal Sapkale

Dancer | Content Creator | Actor | Model | Engineer
YouTuber | Write Sometimes ✍??

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