How people life has changed during this pandemic?

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Nobody knew that this was coming, the virus have changed several of several lifes. The one’s who were so busy in their work, finally giving time to their families. Businesses around the world have been shut down because of this pandemic. And rising of lockdown is ubiquitous! So, there is a solution to every problem right, so after few days of this lockdown people start working from their home. So that they will earn money to buy groceries and other mandatory stuff. People are being more productive from their home like playing games with their families and being creative. Becoming excel in their hobbies & more.

When it comes to poor people government start giving money and groceries to every family and that’s a good news. As well as people who have died because of this pandemic, the NGO organizations are giving money, food to their families too.

People are becoming more generous and have started giving donations and some groceries to the organizations. So they can feed to the poor families.

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At last, I can say that this pandemic has taught me so much ‘so my mantra of this pandemic is every second of your life is important and don’t waste it !

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