Heartbreak : Fight Against own emotions

Heartbreak : Fight Against own emotions,

There is nobody in this world, who can accurately define or express the feeling of love.  But everybody at some point of life finds “Love”.  Somebody describes this as one of those unexplainable feelings that a normal human being can feel.  Or somebody says this is another expression of happiness.

‌People seems changed, happy, excited when fallen in love. The whole world seem changed. Music, drama, movies are being made based on love for thousands of years.

‌But as every other great thing it comes with a dark side “Heartbreak”. How pure, how fresh the feeling of love is! Heartbreaking is that much painful and or may be even more.

That is even harder to describe what is this feelings, or how to overcome it. But it happens by losing a loved one, unable to “win” the loved ones, being cheated on, loving the wrong person, or not getting back the love someone desires to ( it is true, though it doesn’t seem to make sense).

‌Some goes into depression, becomes traumatized, suicidal. But the worst could be self-harm. Over-drinking, overdosing, anything can be considered as self-harming at that point.

Nobody and nothing matters, the world seem so cruel, so unfair.

Nobody and nothing matters, the world seem so cruel, so unfair.  But this is not the case for everyone though.  Some just simply move on with their life.

But it’s not that simple as it sounds. Not everyone can just “move on” if he/ she were truly in love. Every heart breaking is like a wound that never fully recovers, just heals by time.  Yes, that’s the cure, the solution; “Time”.  Priorities change by the time and the scars start fading.  Memories with family, dear friends creates layer on those scars and then you can barely remember about that person. But sure, that takes time and obviously a lot of precious moments.

No doubt it’s one of the most personal, painful, sad experiences for a person though it makes that person stronger than ever. It opens up a new side of the world, new part of life. It teaches you that we have to be a fighter for your own sake. Even then, when the fight is against your own emotions.

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‌Though it seems some people are okay with breakups, it does lose a scar. But life doesn’t end there really.

‌Whoever going through a breakup should keep in mind that who they really are, what they deserve from life and what life deserves from them. And who really matters in your life. The person who left you or the person, who doesn’t want you, can’t really be on the top of your priority. Just cut them off of your life.

You really should engage with your family, friends. Do what encourages you. Value yourself and remember that you are one unique human being and nobody can be you. There is a reason for you to be here.

Just explore the world, gain experience. And finally you will realize life is not that cruel or unfair. Life really is beautiful. Step out of your room, talk to your parents, talk to friends. Love and lough all the time.  Follow your dreams and make them come true. If you fail, try again and again. And when you are at your 40’s with your kids and own family, trust me, the person that left you wouldn’t be in your mind.  Think of yourself as a survivor. You will find the real meaning of life and always remember, you worth a lot. Your life deserves a lot from you and so does your close ones.

So, be patient and never lose hope.  And keep looking, cause nobody knows what is waiting for you ahead of life.

Afra Tasnim

Dreamer, learner, observer.
Try a bit to express my own thoughts through writings.


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