Finding Krishna : Realize the power of love within us

Finding Krishna : Realize the power of love within us,

Krishnaya Vasudevaya
Haraye Parmatmane
Pranatah Klesh Nashaya
Govindaye Namo Namah

Hailing from a Brahmin family of Mathura, I believed that I was a born Vaishnav- Worshipper of Lord Krishna.
I worshipped him because I thought I must. He was praised and admired by everyone in my family. He was certainly a very important person in my life.

Reciting songs and mantras in his praise , taught by my family was a part of my existence.
I can’t forget the magic of his existence potrayed by “Ramanand Sagar” in a popular TV series called “Sri Krishna”. I was a regular viewer of all the episodes.

As an innocent child surrounded by faith and I was amused to see people love him so much. I always wished to be like him. Even dreamt of being friends with him roaming carefree as his “Sakha” in the streets of Vrindavan.

I am a woman but “Yes, I can be Krishna too”.

I am a 33 year old women, a wife and a mother. I worship “Kanha” even more as I know why. All these years, I strived to achieve the goals he had set for me. I struggled to find him. Yes, I have finally found my Krishna I was looking for. He is not far from me. He is within me and he always was. And I was lost finding him around me.

“Hari ko jabse maine jana,
Uski Shakti ko pehchana
Har nar me aur har Nari me,
Pratyek kan me vo ramta hai.”

I am a woman but “Yes, I can be Krishna too”. I feel his presence when my soul is filled with love and happiness. When my heart is dancing on the rhythm of this beautiful life I am gifted with, I feel no less than him.

Krishna was an epitome of beauty praised by both men and women. And children? Krishna was friends with them. Have you ever thought why?

I believe that it was the purity and clarity of heart that he came to preach on this Earth. And he found it first in children. I see him as the humblest person who lived on this planet, who helped everyone around him spreading joy and cheer in the lives of people around him. No wonder how he got the courage to lift “Goverdhan Parvat” on his pinky finger. Love that he collected from his surroundings made him do wonders.

If you believe me, you can find Krishna in your existence too. I see him in each every child around me. Can’t we all be like them. Why are we running with the fast pace of life, pushing each other. Why can’t we realize the power of love within us.

Why are we waiting for another “Avataar” to end “Kalyug”.Why can’t we embrace the positivity we are born with. Why can’t we all find “Krishna” within us in the form of a carefree happy child.

Let’s find our own Krishna and embrace the shadows of Krishna around us. It’s a beautiful world and we get one life. Live happy. Live carefree. Spread positivity.

“Hari OM”

Aditi Mishra

Hello everyone, I am Aditi Mishra. A 35 year old mother of two little girls aged 3 and 7, wife of a sailor and an educator before that. My qualifications : B.Sc. B.Ed. M.Sc. (Physics). I have taught in schools like DPS and AVM, Mumbai. I am a poet at heart and I have been writing poems in Hindi since I was a little girl. I started blogging last year on instagram (@mummastrove) as I like to share my positive experiences and I like to express myself. I like to travel, meet people and learn from my surroundings.

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