Dreams and the journey in-between

Dreams and the journey in-between

Well, I really don’t know where to start from. Back in school whenever they asked us to write a composition, I used to choose the toughest and the most unconventional topic. I don’t know, somehow unconventional things attracted me the most. I was neither a drop head studious kid nor a mediocre. I loved art and literature. I was a rebel child. I never cared about anything or anyone. Oh, I still continue to hold the same posture thou! Maybe that’s why I have a shorter list of friends. I loved and love being candid. I never got scared of sharing my own voice, I used to capture myself very close and up personal. I never feared the wrath of the teacher if she found out that I had a boyfriend back in the 9th standard.

Growing up in a lower middle class and an essentially Bengali family where society plays an important role, I was always made to understand that I am the only bread earner in the family and it was only me who could remove the tag of poverty from us. I believed in it and adhered to it. My father lost his only shop, we were turning into mere paupers. I still don’t know how many valuables were sold off to support my education. I was not a studious student, I was bright. I scored a 90.6 in ICSE (10TH). I was happy and proud since, these marks made me feel that I was closer to the dream of overcoming the poverty. Back then, I had no idea about life. For me life was just Facebook and TV.

My parents had a massive control on me back then, they still do have it now but I don’t let that work with me. Things have changed. Back then, they wanted me to take up commerce i.e., commerical studies. I was from computer background and I had no idea about business. Parents thought that commerce would hand be a job within three years of graduation. I had other plans. Yeah I had plans!

I was always fascinated by the fact how our minds work. Why do we think the way we do! I loved knowing people and their roots. I had a wanderer in me. I knew that only Psychology could quench my thirst. Being a lower middle class Bengali, psychology and psycho are the same to us! They asked me “Tui pagol er daktar hobi?” – you gonna be a doctor for the lunatics?

It took me three days to convince them that I wanted to pursue psychology and become a psychologist. I made them understand the careers on psychology doesn’t have to be doctor!

After three days they agreed, half heartedly. From then on, our differences grew.

Back in 11th standard I saw many people writing food reviews on Zomato. I was a big time foodie and frequently visited cafes and restaurants. I started sharing my reviews there. My followers grew very quickly. I enjoyed writing.

Few months later, I was contacted by a group of foodies. I started reviewing restaurants. One fine day I decided to start my own blog. I started writing about food on my blog. My blog is named PocketFullOfFlavours, I loved sharing my opinion and views. Then somehow I felt that reviewing restaurants wasn’t my thing. I took a break and also my health was ailing.

I would have never been able to have a comeback! I work hard to attain my dreams.

After few months, I got a call from a big lifestyle brand and I attended the event. Being brought up in a household where TV serials were a staple, my love for glam and glitz was always on top. I loved the environment and I knew what I wanted! Things took a turn for good and I started getting calls from various PRs and brands for work. My first international brand to have worked with is Sephora. I was in 11th or 12th standard. I started blogging from school. My parents didn’t encourage me much since they don’t understand how this whole profession works. They still don’t support me much. I kept working hard and since I was a teenager, I was hated by most of the biggies in the industry. There was, there is and there will be competition. I didn’t understand back then, now I do. I push myself and the results are always amazing. Back in school, only few of my teachers encouraged me. My friends never took any interest. My boyfriend back then wasn’t at all appreciative or supportive. While I was blogging, I never ever negotiated with my studies. I knew I wanted to be a psychologist. I did amazing in my ISC (12TH), scored 93%. Parents were happy about it.

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I took up psychology for grads. I’m in college now, second year running or you can say third year. In the first and second year of college, I don’t know something happened and I messed everything up. I left blogging and cut myself off. I kept falling sick, my liver was almost gone. I was diagnosed with impaired liver. I was bed ridden for two months.

I came back stronger. I suffered a lot in my personal life, but I managed that smile and kept my calm.

Having strained relationships with parents and lack of friends, it was just me who could help myself. I picked myself up and got ready to hustle. While this was going on, I just met Rishi, I call him Rishi. His good name is Saptarshi. He’s a kid. He’s just a kid. I still remember how he held my hands on the first date itself and asked me “won’t you continue your blogging? at least for me?” and it was from 24th of November 2019, there was no looking back. This guy has pushed me and made me work hard for my dreams. Rishi is an aspiring footballer and also a fitness vlogger. We are more of besties than partners. I have never seen someone being so happy about my achievements. Without him, I would have never been able to have a comeback! I work hard to attain my dreams, and he is the one who pushes me. He doesn’t like me giving credits but I can’t refrain myself.

Today I run my Instagram with the handle YourFashionPill which deals with lifestyle and fashion at large. I have an audience of 6.3k and I wish to turn blogging and INFLUENCING into a full time job. I started from scratch, I had no one to guide me or help me out with work. I had no idea how to construct a collaboration mail let alone a media kit. I did everything on my own. Be it learning how to approach brands or how to quote amounts for commercials. I still don’t have a professional camera to work with, nor a light nor paid editing softwares. I don’t have a lot of basic things required to blog or vlog with. I make videos on Trell under the fashion and beauty niche.  Yet I try to make the best out of the situation and produce contents for my audience. I get acknowledgement very rarely but that’s fine, maybe I haven’t yet crafted the brand of my own. That doesn’t stop me From working.

If I could pursue my dreams through so much hardships, I believe my story will at least inspire one of you.

Anusree Mondal

Hi guys, I'm Anusree Mondal. Aged just 21, I am a blogger and a social media Influencer who creates content under the fashion and lifestyle niche. And also I'm pursuing my degree in Psychology from Asutosh College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.


Dream Quotes

The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential.
— John C. Maxwell


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