Dream Station is Coming

Dream Station is Coming,

Dream is not that what I do watch during my sleep. Dream Is That which don’t let me sleep. My every awakened night I use convert in practice by which I can touch my goal. It’s the only way to find my destination.. No cheating no shortcut. Only a hard work in which you can’t get anyone’s help. You have to do it alone.

The journey started 22 years ago ..

In a beautiful morning I wake up and just found a beautiful harmonica lying on my table. Yes it’s a really nice B-Day gift by my uncle. I started playing with my entire wind and force. Everyone in my house was getting bored and angry with me. After some time it was taken and I was strongly instructed to play it only for 10 minutes after reading. It was hurting enough as I started loving this instrument. After some day I stole it from my mom’s kitchen and took it out and started playing. Suddenly my all friends come together and started talking about it. What a great instrument.what a beautiful sound. Suddenly an uncle was passing by. He stopped and looked at me and my instrument. Who is the owner? He asked . I put my hand. He took it from my hand , and started playing. Oh what a beautiful melancholy tune it was. From that time I decided to learn it properly until I mastered on it.

My mother took a very essential role by teaching me some technical things (as she’s a musician) it helped me a lot . The ragas, the notations. The rhythm sections all were primarily taught by my mother. more I started learning music more I sunk into it.

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Suddenly I found another way to play harmonica. While practicing yoga , I found some breathing practice there. While practicing years I found my nose was enough to create sound from it. Everyone was astonished when I showed it to my parents. After a while My father told me to try some different song. I did it. That was the time they started watching each others face and greet me. He assured me after my secondary exam he will admit me to a famous harmonicist. As per his promise he took me to one of the most popular and famous harmonicist in the country Mr Saikat Mukherjee. After listening my performance he just hugged me. It’s a wonderful moment . I astonished when I saw tears in his eyes.

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He taught me some essential things which I should follow while playing harmonica. I was highly motivated by his words. His appearance and words helped me very much to continue my journey.

Music itself is a galaxy. It has no end. You have to practice properly otherwise you will forget.

I started learning harmonica following the traditional way . Music itself is a galaxy. It has no end. You have to practice properly otherwise you will forget. so a guru was needed. After completing my school I started practicing it very much. I got some harmonica player in my native place.

I started learning harmonica by heart and soul. Suddenly a moment come . It was our college social. Only 10 minutes were allowed for Me. And this ten minutes changed my world. It was more than five thousand audience there. The stadium was full packed up. After playing a song in general way, suddenly I thought why not play music by my nose in front of them. everybody was spellbound and they requested me to continue my performance. I did it by my nose. After 20 minutes stage performance, I found a lot of journalists were waiting for my interview.

After that day my name entered in world record’s history and got invited from all over the world. But what about dream ?

Yes my dream is not to become popular, it’s not about publishing albums or directing music in movies or TV serials. It is to see harmonica in everyone’s pocket. I dreamt about creating a world where harmony will comes from everybody’s harmonica . I’m on the way to fulfill my dream. Check out my website( for more details about my musical journey.

Miles to go before I sleep.

Soham Mukhopadhyay

আমি চেয়ে চেয়ে দেখি সারাদিন
আজ ঐ চোখে সাগরের নীল
আমি গাইছি গান গাইছি
বুঝি মনে মনে হয়ে গেল মিল।।

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Dream Quotes

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
— Napoleon Hill


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