Discover happiness from within yourself

Discover happiness from within yourself,

Happiness is that meaning of a creature which evolves from mind to heart, to face and makes anyone feel joy. Happiness is everywhere there are so many types of it. This can be discovered anywhere, in anything but the main motive is to understand it and deal with it. Some people finds happiness in stuffs that they gain, some finds it on their self , some from their closeness and so on. If we talk about human being in one side, they find happiness on their own achievements that totally depends on the matter reflects to them. Happiness means a emotion that is  full of joy, joy means pleasure and pleasure means the positive vibes that generates in a soul. We always try to find happiness on people, on artificial things and from another person but the real thing is; happiness can be best recognize when one will try to enjoy its self company, to work for own-self, to feel and need to own-self.

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Happiness is not something that fades away easily on everyone’s life especially then, when something bad happens to them, or not a good situation. Even a small living being in this world also have emotion in them and they also try to feel joy every time.

Try to discover happiness within yourself rather than any other things.

Like any other human being in this world,  I am also a very emotional person and sensitive. If anybody talk to me rudely or not even in a good way that touches to my heart and I feel bad about it. I always try to find happiness in little things and that what makes me happy. Reading, cooking, cleaning and decorating my place gives me more happiness than anything else in this world. And that’s my type of happiness, so we should not be afraid to take happiness from anywhere because that’s what we can better do for ourselves. And that’s what we can take with us on the end of our life. We should believe in give and take and therefore happiness is all about.

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If I can describe myself I can better discover my loneliness on me that makes me to cry to smile and to feel the emotion that I am missing, there also some days when I felt myself so not perfect and I always tried to discourage myself of what I have that slowly actually gave me the path of trouble, terrible life. And the day when I choose myself from the world and makes my self happy just on me that moment I really feel that I am a person and I can do anything and enjoy the life. I have learnt from my mistakes, I have gained whatever from my realisement that what happiness is to be; to discover your inner confidential person in you.

For my point of view happiness comes not from any other path but from you, when you makes yourself positive, happy then you can also see your whole world happy. Try to discover happiness within yourself rather than any other things.


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