Create your own path and set your own trending style

Create your own path and set your own trending style,

Career started off with the IT sector as every other individual. Initially in a private firm for a year then worked for 2 years with IBM as a HR executive. Fashion industry, modeling, acting has always been my passion and in my blood. I was into theater plays back even since school and also represented my college in many fashion shows.

Prajval Jagirdar's Life Journey, yourdreamtale.comQuit the IT Industry in 2016 as I felt it was not my cup of tea , as even my colleagues and people around felt I belonged in the fashion industry and really grateful to my family for always standing by me and respecting my choices. My first photo shoot ever went on to be featured in Vogue India for an international grooming company from Britain with their presence pan in India. There was no turning back. Collaborated and worked with most of the top brands of India ranging from grooming, fashion, accessories and styling. Went on to get selected as a member of the Bangalore Beard Club – India’s First beard Club where i competed amongst 100 of Bangalore’s best bearded men at their event and was awarded the best beard and went on to become the first chosen member of the club. My beard has been featured on various international pages as well as magazines like Vogue India, MW India, Mens XP etc to name a few.

Sporting a beard since 2014 even before it was a trend as it is now. I usually prefer setting the trend basically among my social media audience here as well as people I meet in everyday life. I grew my beard out of passion and because I loved being natural and embracing what nature and genetics has given me. Focused more on social media and also got a lot of international audience too and appreciation for my beard and meanwhile connected with various bearded models internationally. Also featured on The Atlantic Monthly (International Mag).

Your Gods were Bearded ! Why Aren’t you? #beardlikegods

Every bearded man knows how much attention he gets as he walks in to a place .This used to happen initially with me too and makes one conscious that even amongst a group. you would stand out. Hence, you need to groom better, dress better and style even better. Its not just setting a style statement and flaunt your beards, but it also has a lot of health benefits that follow with growing one. As the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes time and patience to grow a majestic beard like the gods did. Every one wants to grow a big bad-ass beard but doesn’t have the patience to go through the journey of growing one. I would love to see more bearded men around me and grow what their father gave them ! Its called a mans mane for a reason.

Brands started approaching eventually and meanwhile modeled for the best designers of Bangalore, Walked runways and been a part of other notable events. I also do beard modeling too and have done social media campaigns and digital campaigns for the top brand players of the grooming industry in India and TVC’s for other brands. Have done short films in the past and my first silver screen appearance was in a Telegu movie Pedavi Datani Matokatundhi(2018). Working on another upcoming movie project in a different language. Fluent with 6 languages with which I look forward to venture into different languages.

Social media Influencing just happened as I never considered myself as a blogger. My audience and people I gained over the years are niche as I connect with as many as possible on a personal level than a business perspective I used to just understand my audience and give them what they want. I also prefer to endorse and promote brands which I have personally used and liked. I loved interacting on social media as it makes it easy to reach out and keep in touch with all just being at one place. Used to feel happy when people used to look up-to my style, work , and derive motivation from the same let it be the outfits I wear, the accessories I use or the my grooming aids maybe even to grow a beard themself. Many men were inspired to grow a beard after following me and started asking me for tips and that overwhelmed me that i was also breaking the stereotype of being a clean shaven guy unlike every other kid in the block.

Now I am an actor as well as a model, Content creator for brands and also a lifestyle and fashion blogger. I feel every industry has something exciting awaiting and whenever the chance, leave no stone unturned.

What inspires me?

I think what inspires me the most are the interesting people around me who come from different walks of life. I specifically set aside time to read peoples minds, watch and understand the changes around me, positive comments are always a pleasure to hear, haters and negativity – I value it too as I see things that I can improve on and this is what pushes me to work even more harder to prove them wrong.
That inspires me every day.

“I’m Coming For Everything They Said I Couldn’t Have”.

What is the one tip I would give to those who are starting out in fresh?

I would generalize it and say let it be any industry it is similar to walking into the jungle. Adapt or perish. I never had a clue about the industries I am currently working with until I have self walked it and experienced and still experiencing it first hand. Nothing is a cake walk, its all about how bad you want it .My mantra would be – Be Confident, Never fear failure instead learn from it, Keep your eyes open. Work on yourself everyday than just do a 9-5 which u derive no pleasure from.

Every time you feel like quitting, just remember why u even started and how many are waiting to watch you fall.

I personally feel every individual is much more capable of doing a lot than what they are currently doing, so don’t just stay in pond and be satisfied working for someone or whatever you are doing, instead set aside sometime for just yourself and do what you love the most, self investment is the best investment.

Every time you feel like quitting, just remember why u even started and how many are waiting to watch you fall.

People or books which had the biggest influence on my life?

I look up-to my mother. She taught me many values that define who I am now and the benefits of hard work and the importance of striving for excellence. She taught me never to settle for second best and always aim to reach the peak of whatever I put my hands into and said give it your all or don’t give it a thought at all, and to treat people with the same degree of respect, regardless of social standing, race or creed.

I am grateful for:

My personal experiences in life and every single person who has entered my life, still staying by my side and the ones who have left too. Every person who I have let walk in has taught me something !

How I unwind

Music is what keeps me going all day, right from kick-starting my day till i sleep, Various genres depending on my mood !
I unwind myself with some ambient tracks.

Prajval Jagirdar

Ethnicity– Kodava, Age -27
Profession - Actor , Model , Social media Influencer/Content creator
Education -Obtained my Bachelors’ degree from CMR Institute of Management Studies.


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