Be who you want to be; Fearlessly

Be who you want to be; Fearlessly,

As I was growing up fashion and designing got into my head – lights, camera and the big stage; pretty certain a lot of girls in their teenage live with similar fantasies. The dream ended when my father decided the world can only have engineers, doctors and Business graduates.

In life there are few moments you would stop and ask yourself:

* why am I born?
* what you want to do?
* what is your future?

All these rat races ended for me when I found the love of my life. Along with the promise of loving me forever, he also told me to chase my passion and that he will do the rest of rat race for the family! He has been pretty good with both promises – so far at-least.

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Today I am a wife and mother to two beautiful girls; god has been kind. Life wasn’t always this beautiful but I wouldn’t complain, the world has enough suffering already.

Fight for your dreams; no one else is gonna fight for it.

In between, I had listened to dad too and had enough degree certificates under my belt including Masters in Business Administration – took all the text book knowledge and coupled it with my all time passion and YEKTA was born; my very own fashion boutique. When our little girls Saanvi and Ekhaa were born, my priorities changed. Life became unidirectional, happily unidirectional.

A little later in my life – happy wife, happy mother and 25 kilos bigger than my biggest ever. My confidence level had took big dips, I was embarrassed to dress up and go out among crowd’s and my all time passion, fashion started to depress me!

Wanted to become the best version of me that I could be. I woke up on a Sunday, hit the gym, started eating healthy and 6 months after; today, I am 25 kilos lighter, do ramp walks and photo-shoots.

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Depression is a common term now a days, I have had my days too. It made me slow and weak, everything I hated took control of my everyday. But today is a different day, I help 30 other women to overcome fear and difficulties. I must say I have started helping people to DREAM again.

You are never too old or never too experienced to learn something new. Fight for your dreams; no one else is gonna fight for it. These are few things I learned from my past.

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Every one has troubles, I have mine too but i wouldn’t complain 🙂 . I smile when I make my husband and daughters proud, I smile when I make myself proud.

Mitha Kiran

Push your failure and move ahead , not to ignore it but analyse it and learn from it.

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